Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Vegas T-Shirt is here!

Merry Holidays, everyone!

Just a quick note to let you know that the Vegas T-shirt so many of you have asked for is finally available, just in time for Christmas (and Chanukah)!

Ever since Gideon's homemade T-shirt with the inspirational message:

"What happens in Vegas...
stays in God's memory for all eternity"

was shown on Last Comic Standing, we've been flooded with demands to offer the shirt for sale. Well, it took a while, but it's finally here, and it has a new, flashy design to go along with its judgmental, reprimanding tone!

Order now and maybe you can save a life by Christmas!

Things may have seemed quiet on the GP front this fall, but trust that we've been working on a number of fun and interesting projects we can't wait to tell you about! We'll be sending out an email in the New Year with exciting updates on all sorts of things: live shows in North Carolina, South Carolina and San Francisco! A studio album! And a book! So much to talk about!

Thank you all again for your wonderful support over this last exciting year!
We cannot wait for 2009 and all the fun we're all going to have together.

Gideon and Jeremiah

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hey NYC! Get ready for (Christian Folk R)OCTOBER!!!

Hello Brothers and Sisters!

We would like to let you know about our show this week at Comix Comedy Club here in NYC! We've been "on the road" for a while, and now we're SUPER JAZZED to be back home in New York City! We'll be doing an hour of our favorite songs, our most important Life Skillz scenes, and our most intense raps (we actually only have one rap song, so we'll be doing that one)!

An Evening with God's Pottery!
Thursday, October 2nd at 8 p.m.

Comix Comedy Club
353 West 14th Street (at 9th Avenue)
New York, NY

More information and tickets here!

We will be joined by our great friends Craig Baldo and Pete Lee! Hope to see you soon!

Your Friends,
Gideon and Jeremiah

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Hi everyone! We hoped you enjoyed our performance on the Last Comic Standing Finale! However, it is not the finale for God's Pottery this week! We have a big show at Spaceland in Los Angeles this Saturday evening! So if you live in or near the City of Lost Angels, come on down and enjoy the fun! We'll be doing a full hour-long set, and our good friend Jessi Klein will be opening up. Put on your partici-pants and head on down!

God's Pottery Live at Spaceland!
9:30 p.m./8:30 doors
1717 Silver Lake Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA
(323) 661-4380

Monday, August 04, 2008

Watch us open up the LCS finale!

Hey friends! A bit of time has passed since our last blog post, and sadly we will not be the Last Comic Standing (though we were the First Comic Kneeling). However, we do have some good news... NBC asked us to write and perform a special song to kick off the finale! The photo above was JUST taken (thanks, Internet!) in a recording studio in Las Vegas, where a whole bunch of musicians are recording the orchestral backing track (industry term) for the number. It's going to be pretty neat, so tune in this week and check it out!

Last Comic Standing LIVE Finale!
Thursday, August 9th
8:00-9:30 p.m.


Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Hello Friends!

Well, we made it to the house in Los Angeles on Last Comic Standing! And we REALLY appreciate all the good wishes and kind words!

This week is a big one for us because 2 of the final 12 comedians/acts will be eliminated! We've had so much fun "hanging out" with these comedians and hope we can "stick around" for another week!

Tune in to NBC and see what happens!

Gideon & Jeremiah

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Shocking "Sex News" From NYC!

The New York Health Department issued a shocking report this week: 40% of sexually active adults with multiple partners did not use a condom the last time they had sex. The bad news was not lost on us.

We have vowed to fight the problem head-on, like a plow steering into a drift of snow during a major snowstorm (at least 9 inches).

Luckily for New York (and the rest of the country), we find ourselves in a position to seize on this “crisis moment” from—of all places—the Semifinals of NBC’s Last Comic Standing, airing tonight at 8/7c.

The musical balm to soothe the wounds of this troubling news is our ode to premarital abstinence, "The Pants Come Off When the Ring Goes On"...

We're engaged to be married;
Hear the bells go a-din and a-don!
But let's not jump into bed yet;
For the pants come off…
…when the ring goes on!

Our unique blend of music, people-skills, and Biblical know-how render us ideally suited to teach those willing to listen and learn that it can be “cool” to wait until marriage to engage in sexual intercourse.

Catch us tonight on NBC’s Last Comic Standing, and if you miss it, catch the recap at or check out for more information and to purchase your very own “Virginity Rocks!” t-shirt.


Last Comic Standing Semi-Finals THIS THURSDAY (6/26)!

Hello, Brothers and Sisters!

Good News: the semi-finals of Last Comic Standing are finally here!

The best part is that the semi-finals are being held in Las Vegas! We've always wanted to go to "Sinfultown" because we think we could have a really positive effect on the citizens if we just had the chance. Well, now we have that chance!

Watch this Thursday to see us experience Nevada in all its glory! Find out if we make the finals! Get to know our new black friend, Louis!

"Last Comic Standing"
Thursday, June 26th
8:00-10:00 p.m. (7:00 Central)

Hope to see you soon, friends!


Gideon and Jeremiah

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Back on the BLOG!

Dear Friends,

We're back on the blog o'sphere! We apologize for the long absence from our (we)blog, and we promise to keep our updates more up-to-date!

"Even the hummingbird must rest, for she has been flying so much with great speed."
-Old Saying

We've been keeping pretty busy! Our work is never done, which is why it's so enthrilling to us. Some of you may have seen us on the tv show called "Last Comic Standing" on NBC. It's a show where comedians compete to win prizes and money, and we thought we'd give everyone the "prize" of learning to go with their "currency" of laughing! And it seems to be working, because we made it through to the next round in LAS VEGAS! Here's a sample of what was on the tv:

It's been a lot of fun, and we're excited that the show allows us to reach literally hundreds of people, so we'll try to be "standing" as long as we can! Our Las Vegas semifinal show will be "on the air" June 26th!

Keep checking back here for updates, help, wisdom, guidance...and FUN!!!

With laughter and love,
Keep dreamin' of above,
Gideon and Jeremiah